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Care & use of Copper Pressure Vessels for Steam Models.

1.         The pressure vessel (boiler) supplied has been manufactured in accordance with the legislation; PRESSURE EQUIPMENT REGULATIONS 1999 SI No 1999/2001 (“PER”) P.E.D. 97/23/EC.

2.         Copper boilers are not subject to corrosion in the same way as steel boilers, they do not need to be blown down after use, however they can become coated with lime scale (Calcium) if used for long periods of time.

3.         Avoid scale by using either filtered rainwater or de-ionised or distilled water.

4.         To remove lime scale at the end of each running season, put a small quantity of a de-scaling solution (available at most hardware stores) into a ¾ full boiler and bring to the boil. Leave to stand overnight for 24 hours then drain the boiler and rinse out thoroughly with clean water.

5.         Safety valves should also be checked for correct operation each time the boiler is steamed.

6.         Fittings should be inspected regularly for scale, and if scale is found, de-scale by immersion in a weak solution as above and rinse.

7.         NEVER operate a boiler above its recommended working pressure.

8.         Always ensure that water is visible in the sight glass if fitted. NEVER run a boiler dry. IF A BOILER DOES ACCIDENTALLY RUN DRY WE RECOMMEND A HYDRAULIC TEST to ensure safety and correct operation of the fittings, and to check the integrity of the boiler.

9         NEVER pump water into an overheated boiler until it has cooled. 

NEVER leave a full or partially full boiler in an ambient temperature of 0 degrees centigrade to freeze.

 If in doubt contact the manufacturer or your local club boiler inspector.

Factory Visits

We welcome visitors to the factory by prior arrangement.  If you are thinking of ordering a boiler and would just like to come along, see our operation and have an informal chat about your project, we will be very happy to see you. 
We are also pleased to accommodate larger groups of model engineers who wish to see how copper boilers are manufactured, whether it is a club or just a group of interested people.  Please call to discuss further and to arrange dates and times.

Ring 0870 8554511 for an appointment.



If you would like any more information or a no-obligation quotation for your copper boiler needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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